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A Message From Heaven Given In Song

What makes these lyrics and melody so remarkable — and most assuredly a beautiful message from Heaven — is the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about singing, playing music or songwriting at the time the song was inspired.

On May 24, 1998, while singing “in the Spirit” and worshiping the Lord in the shower, a melody, chorus and the first of 40 lines of lyrics (all arriving in rhyme) began to flow into my mind. I began writing a song I knew was a message from Heaven. The entire 40 lines of lyrics, melody and chorus was completed in just 3 days. I knew that something extraordinary had happened! During the following days, I began making phone calls looking for someone to help get it recorded. And though not endowed with any musical talent or a singing voice, I sang the entire 10-minute song to anyone who would listen. When the Ten Eyck’s heard it they were moved by God to arrange and record it. – D. Magiera


Song Lyrics

We shall rise, to the sky, for the wedding of the Lamb; Lift your eyes, to the sky, for the wedding of the Lamb.

Verse 1:

In fine white linen, and the robe of righteousness, We walk in unity, we walk in holiness;
No spot or wrinkle, there’s nothing we can hide, Jesus Christ is coming, He’s coming for His bride;
The fires of life are rising, the last days have begun, Through trials and tribulation, the testing time has come;
The Spirit of the harvest, is working out His plan, The bride is getting ready, for the wedding of the Lamb.


We shall rise, to the sky, for the wedding of the Lamb; Lift your hands, holy hands, in worship of the Lamb; Dance for joy, sing for joy, to the Father of the Lamb; Lift your eyes, to the sky, for the wedding of the Lamb.

Verse 2:

Signs and wonders follow, those who do believe, The world shall see You, in all Your majesty;
We’re looking for Your coming, we’re watching at the door, Jesus Lord and Master, our King forever more; Entering the kingdom, and walking in the light, Preparing for the wedding, we are the Bride of Christ;
The Spirit of the harvest, is working out His plan, The Master waits in glory, for the wedding of the Lamb.

Verse 3:

Tell this generation, tell everyone you see, The Lord is coming, He’s coming for you and me;
Be filled with the Spirit, be in the secret place, Standing on His promises, there is no other way;
The angels are awaiting, the Father’s great command, To gather up the righteous, from all across the land; The Spirit of the harvest, is working out His plan, The Master waits in glory, for the wedding of the Lamb.


Verse 4:

The angels of the harvest, are getting very near, For those with eyes to see, the signs are very clear;
They’ll separate the righteous, from all ungodliness, Those in worthless garments, from those in wedding dress;
The time has come for everyone, choose what you shall wear, Garments made of righteousness or garments of despair;
The Spirit of the harvest, is working out His plan, The Master waits in glory, for the wedding of the Lamb.

Verse 5:

The latter rain is falling, our rescue is at hand, Pouring out His Spirit, all across the land;
Preparing for the harvest, the angels sing on high, Glory to the Father, all glory Lord Most High;
The wedding invitation, it comes to one and all, By faith you must receive it, until the trumpet call;
The Father of Creation, His Word our Guiding Light, The Rock of our salvation, He shall wed the Bride of Christ.


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Wedding Invitation Message by D. Magiera

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Sweet Tears and Testimonies

The most wonderful and common response found in the letters and calls we receive from people around the world is their TEARS of joy. It first began with me, on the day I heard the song for the first time. Tears are a sign of the heart of the Father touching His children in a deep and life-changing way. I pray that as you read what others have experienced, you too will recognize the gentle, loving hand of God.

I am speechless.

“Written or spoken words cannot convey how deeply I have been touched by your awesome website. Everything I have read is truly anointed by the Holy Spirit. As I read both your testimonies many tears freely flowed. I’m so grateful you so lovingly, obediently and faithfully shared with all what God has done in your lives (for preparation in serving Him) in such a wonderful way to bring honor and glory to Him alone.

I loved your “Jewels from the Father” section. Without a doubt, each one was truly a genuine , rare , precious, priceless and beautiful gem….ones to treasure a lifetime. Ones to continually flip back the “pages of time ” and be forever reminded of The Father’s agape love for each one of His children that he loves so dearly…HIS BRIDE !!”

Your song…”The Wedding of the Lamb” brought me into the presence of God! Beautiful beyond description !!! The words to it are so anointed. I am speechless. My prayer for you is that The Father will continue to bless you 100-fold in everything you do. Continue to bloom for Him where He has planted you! Truly, I count it both an honor and privilege to have been led of the Holy Spirit to this website while surfing the net…(a pre-ordained appointment.) With Love , In Jesus wonderful name!”

Marlene, British Columbia

Tears came to my eyes.

“Thank you for sending the CD “The Wedding of the Lamb.” It is absolutely a beautiful arrangement with a tremendous message. I must admit that as I listened to the heart-touching lyrics and the stirring melody – tears came to my eyes. Every time that we have played this CD, our listeners have called in asking where they can purchase it. I would like to encourage Christian radio stations across our great country to request this CD. You will be pleasantly surprised at the positive response from your listeners.”

Daniel L. Kayser

General Manager,

WXML Christian Radio, Ohio

It is more than a song.

…..“Today I heard about your website for the first time. I went in and ordered the CD. I had not yet heard it, but from the testimonies I actually felt the anointing sitting at my desk at work reading the words to the song. So I called a friend and had him go in and play it for me. It is awesome. The prophetic anointing is on it. It is more than a song — it is prophecy. Thank you. I await my copy. I will be introducing it to our choir and praise team. God bless and continue to use you both for his glory.”

Joan Newman, Bushkill, Pennsylvania

It literally brings tears indeed.

“WOW. I amazed at how glorious, well done, informative and ANOINTED your fabulous website is. Looking forward to seeing/reading more in the coming days. I am SO impressed with the “The Wedding of the Lamb” song, I can’t even tell you. It is SO anointed and beautiful… with the most meaningful and prophetic words. It literally brings tears indeed.”

Kaye Pock, CA

“I could not move from my chair.”

Martha Dusek, Hutersville, IN

“The seriousness of the time in which we live.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I played “The Wedding of the Lamb” at least 5 times straight though. How beautiful! As I listen to it over and over again it causes you to really contemplate what is being said and the seriousness of the time in which we live.”

Aimee. Illinois

“Tears, weeping, travail, laughing, joy… peace.”

“I sat back in my chair to listen to the song and was drawn into intercession — tears, weeping, travail, laughing, joy and finally an incredible peace settled over me. This is amazing! I really needed that lift today.” Genevieve Frere, Ottowa Ontario, Canada


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About the CD

47 minutes of message and music.

Words, Melody, Scripture Reading, Shofar Blast and Graphics by David Magiera.

Musical Arrangement, Instruments,Synthesizer and Song Vocals Performed by Michael & Renita Ten Eyck.